COVID And Workplace Safety Strategies For Workers

Businesses are re-opening, Covid-19 restrictions are decreasing but have not been eliminated. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we increase Covid-19 safety compliance with communication and messaging targeted at young adults due to increased complacency after vaccinations and restrictions are relaxed.

Mask Wearing: Adhere to mask wearing
Other Public Health Measures: Comply with other protective measures, such as avoiding groups, coughing or sneezing into one’s elbow, and washing one’s hands regularly

Covid strategies to increase compliance among young adults AND new workers:


Consider the use of different key messages, tone, and delivery i.e. With all the extra hand washing – poster enclosed on how to conserve water when washing hands from the W.H.O.

should be clear, accessible, motivational AND positive
outline the consequences of not complying to public health measures

Place and REFRESH POSTERS on Safety Boards, lunch rooms and specific workstations – link here for a variety of NEW Covid posters so that you can REFRESH and attract attention to key Covid prevention and transmission practices as safety measures are relaxed
Provide IMMEDIATE CORRECTION to workers – link here on how Safety Talks
ASK QUESTIONS to confirm their knowledge and understanding

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