Having a Forklift License

Warehouse work is a desirable job, especially when businesses need workers and the manufacturing economy is recovering following the pandemic. A great way to make yourself a more desirable warehouse candidate is to get a forklift license.

The Benefits of Warehouse Work
Warehouse work is a great job. Warehouse jobs are predicted to continue to grow over the next five years in Canada. With more people buying online, and a steady increase in trade, workers are needed to manage the infrastructure of industries like shipping, trade, imports and exports, in-person retail, and online shopping.

Warehouse work is often accompanied by competitive wages, and there are on-site benefits as well. In low cost of living areas, the pay is still set by industry standards, which means you can earn more from a warehouse employer than many other employers in your area.

Warehouse workers perform active physical labor that many people thrive on, especially when contrasted to sitting at a desk all day. Additionally, because most warehouses employ a lot of people, there are almost always opportunities to move up in the company through promotions.

Flexible hours are another benefit. Night shifts are often available for those who want them, and part time workers are utilized to fill staffing needs. During the busy holiday season, warehouses are in need of extra workers, which means you can pick up warehouse work even if you’re just home from university for the season or want to earn extra money for the holidays.

Do You Need a Forklift License?
Not every job in a warehouse requires you to operate a forklift. However, if you want to gain a forklift role, do you need to get a license in order to be qualified?

In Ontario, forklift licenses are not always required. In fact, some of the forklift job opportunities that Let’s Go Staffing Agency offers do not require a license. Some companies will train you on a specific type of forklift on-site.

However, getting a license is the most effective way to demonstrate that you are fully trained and qualified to become a forklift operator.

The other benefit to getting a forklift license is that you are much more appealing to employers who are looking for warehouse workers. When given the chance to choose between two candidates, who do you think is more attractive to the hiring manager? Someone who has already proven their capabilities by getting licensed as a forklift operator, or someone who hasn’t done so?

Having a forklift license is a great idea, even if it’s not always required.

How to Get a Forklift License in Ontario
Getting a forklift license requires you to go through a certification exam process. There are several forklift training companies/programs that operate in Ontario. Our recruiters can provide you with further information on this. Some companies may require you to take a program that they recommend.

If you are already employed at a warehouse, you might want to check with your employer to see if they would pay for your certification classes. Companies want to create a safe workplace, and so it’s in their best interest to have highly trained employees. It can’t hurt to ask if they are willing to cover, reimburse, or contribute to any expenses.

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